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"Keith is truly a "gem!""

Written by: Makena McCarroll
Thursday, September 21, 2023
Keith is truly a gem! Keith is truly a "gem!"

When my fiance told me about his ring process, he spoke very highly of how genuine and knowledgeable Keith is. Keith was not the first person he met with, but he said when he met Keith it became immediately clear that Keith was who he would buy from. He appreciated that Keith was not at all pushy, but was passionate about his work and determined to find the perfect stone for us. I have not stopped smiling or looking at my ring since the day my fiance proposed.

Aside from the ring itself, another special part of our engagement weekend was the joyful and kind email Keith wrote to congratulate & wish us happiness together.

About a week after the proposal, I got to meet Keith myself! What a pleasure - he had so many great tips about cleaning the ring (even has a published article on this) & keeping the ring safe. I am already looking forward to working with him throughout the wedding brand process.

Thank you Keith for being a huge part in this special time for us!

POSTED: 09/21/2023 09:20:01 PM
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