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"Keith took the time... was honest, didn't push..."

Written by: Manu V
Thursday, February 23, 2023
I went to Keith when my wife and I wanted to upgrade the stone in her engagement ring, and I'm so glad I did. I had zero prior experience with diamond buying but Keith made the process smooth, stress-free, and even fun.

He took the time to give me pointers about how to get the best value out of a diamond purchase, and was glad to arrange repeat visits so that my wife could look at the options.

One of the things I appreciated most was that Keith didn't push me towards bigger or pricier options just for the sake of it. Instead he was honest about what size stone would be the best fit for the ring and how to prioritize factors to get the best value from the purchase. And the end result was truly gorgeous.

I can absolutely vouch that Keith is a great guy to help any of you looking to upgrade the diamond in a ring.

POSTED: 02/23/2023 11:47:56 PM
EARRING DIA:2.01 (100) 18KW
Earring Dia:2.01 (100) 18Kw...
Exquisite 3 Stone Diamond Engagemen...
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