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"He found the most perfect diamond."

Written by: Peter V, Toronto
Thursday, January 05, 2023
He found the most perfect diamond. peter-george-54Keith is the absolute best man I've worked with in this industry. I am from Toronto Ontario and I was not having much luck with any of the jewelers here. I had seen Keith through his TikTok videos and initially never thought of going to see him because he was so far away, however things changed when my Fiancé and I decided to have a quick vacation to NYC for 4 days.

I messaged Keith about an appointment to see what diamonds he had in stock, and although they were all beautiful, they were not what I was specifically looking for. On our last day in the city, Keith messaged me about a diamond with my specific characteristics. He found the most perfect diamond for my Fiance after 1 day of meeting with him.

Keith is an absolute wizard in this industry and I am so grateful to have met him. I will only continue to work with Keith going forward for all of my diamond needs. Thank you so much Keith!!

POSTED: 01/05/2023 07:03:56 PM
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Emerald Earrings
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