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Written by: Raymond
Saturday, March 12, 2022
First, Keith deserves not 5, but a 10 STAR REVIEW!!! If you have not met Keith, then you are wasting your time and throwing your hard earned money down the drain. Keith is a class act in my book. His pure honesty, knowledge and attention to detail is one of a kind. It can be very uncomfortable going into a world like the diamond district and hoping not to get scammed/jerked or robbed. After reading the tons of 5 Star reviews, It was a little skeptical, but I was 100% WRONG. My personal experience with Keith was on point and more. He will give you a one on one class on the 4 C's and beyond. Answer any and all questions and there is never any pressure to purchase anything. You will walk out of there knowing more about the good/bad and ugly about diamonds. Again, his honesty, knowledge and persona makes him very easy to talk to and he is the real deal of the Diamond District. MAKE YOUR APPT ASAP AND GO SEE KEITH.

POSTED: 03/12/2022 10:20:48
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