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"If you buy a piece of jewelry from someone else you are crazy"

Written by: Richard F.
Wednesday, August 06, 2014
If you buy a piece of jewelry from someone else you are crazy. To shop with Keith is part of the beautiful experience of purchasing a work of art for the right price. The quality is only high end, beyond compare. Keith has the experience, expertise and personality to make the experience amazing. You know the diamond is exceptional, your choice and a big pleasure. In the jewelry world find a trustworthy advocate, Keith, at NYC Wholesale Diamonds.

Richard F.

POSTED: 08/06/2014 05:49:21 PM
Emerald Weight: 0.49 Ct (9)Diamond ...
Sapphire Bracelet - 14kt
Metal: 14K White Goldemerald Weigh...
Diamond Ring
Metal:18K Rose Goldother Weight:1.0...
Pink Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
Bracelet Dia:1.72 (18) Pi. Sap:16.4...
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