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David B.

I started working with Keith after my brother got engaged… He couldn’t stop raving about how great his experience was and how easy Keith made the process. My brother nailed it and now I can’t/won’t stop raving about Keith and his amazing establishment. I’m not a very good decision maker and ask a boat load of questions before I make any kind of purchase… Keith never failed to respond to any of my requests and went above and beyond to ensure I had all the information I needed. He never applied any pressure and was extremely patient with me as we worked through the ring buying process (which he lays out in incredible detail!). It’s important to mention that we worked through this whole process via email and phone calls as I live in Houston, TX. I never had to visit the store and felt extremely comfortable because Keith is the consummate professional!! The end result is the amazing ring pictured below and the love of my life saying “Yes!”. Thanks again, Keith!

David B.Houston, TX

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