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I find my clients the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands. My complete personal consultation includes:

* An informative lesson on the quality, pricing, and certification of diamonds
* Locating the perfect, ideal cut diamond for maximum, spectacular brilliance
* Finding and/or custom designing the perfect ring setting for the diamond
* Advice on immediate protection by the least expensive insurance options
* Advice on the actual proposal as its romantic significance will last a lifetime

This is such an exciting time in my career, as I am offering you more services, product choices, and availability than ever before. I am here in New York to service all your diamond and jewelry needs. You always have a choice of setting up a appointment in:

My Private Office, My Store, or My San Diego Factory Showroom

Private Appointments available from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm daily

My phone numbers for 25 years have been (212) 719-2214 and (800) 247-8478.

You can also reach me directly at KS@NYCWholesaleDiamonds.com

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