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12/20/16 Alex and Adriana

Thank you very much, NYCWD, for helping me purchase my engagement ring. It went off without a hitch, and your sage advice aided me greatly! Thanks again!


12/10/16 Glenn

I’m not a frequent reviewer – but I also don’t frequently shop for an engagement ring. A walk down 47th street is all you need – before you realize you have to look for a referral, someone you can trust. Heard only good things about Keith Saxe and am happy to say the recommendations were spot on! So easy to work with, not pushy at all and most of all has a vibe and demeanor that just makes you feel comfortable, and trusting. Listened to what I was looking for, called me only when he found it – and delivered the perfect ring – on time and fairly priced – along with all appraisal certificates and help with insurance. Keith even managed to find a low profile “stealthy” ring box so the proposal could be a total surprise Best of all – she said YES and totally loves the ring. Highly recommend without reservation.

12/08/16 Sean

As many of the other reviewers, I was looking to purchase a diamond for an engagement ring for my now fiancee and based on the stellar reviews set up an appointment with Keith. He blew away all of my expectations. I supplied my budget and desired specifications for the diamond and he showed me several diamonds that were within the price point and gave honest advice about each diamond. There was never any pressure and Keith made the whole process very easy. I left his office every time more excited to propose and to see my fiancee’s face.

I ran into an issue with the jeweler who would be supplying the setting and Keith did not skip a beat and had a custom setting made to my specifications. The entire finished product was beyond stunning and my fiancee was ecstatic. I cannot recommend Keith enough. He treats his customers with respect and puts great time and effort into his work and it shows in the pieces that are produced. Thank you Keith!


11/22/16 Jackson

The entire ring selecting/buying process couldn’t have gone smoother. Thank you sooo much for making this happen!! My fiance absolutely loves the ring and everyone around us adores it. You’ve made me look brilliant!! Thanks again, and I will surely share your business with everyone I know.


11/14/16 David

I started working with Keith after my brother got engaged… He couldn’t stop raving about how great his experience was and how easy Keith made the process. My brother nailed it and now I can’t/won’t stop raving about Keith and his amazing establishment. I’m not a very good decision maker and ask a boat load of questions before I make any kind of purchase… Keith never failed to respond to any of my requests and went above and beyond to ensure I had all the information I needed. He never applied any pressure and was extremely patient with me as we worked through the ring buying process (which he lays out in incredible detail!). It’s important to mention that we worked through this whole process via email and phone calls as I live in Houston, TX. I never had to visit the store and felt extremely comfortable because Keith is the consummate professional!! The end result is the amazing ring pictured below and the love of my life saying “Yes!”. Thanks again, Keith!


11/01/16 Rochali and Jonathan 

“Walking down 47th Street can be very intimidating. Everyone is trying to sell you something. So when I walked in to Keith’s office I was a little nervous. Those nerves soon went away and I was confident that he wasn’t just trying to make a quick sale on me. He took his time to go through the process and showed me exactly what I was buying. Never once did he try to convince me to go over my budget or make me commit to anything without having proper time to think it over. In the end, I walked away with an absolutely stunning ring at an incredible price. My fiance and I can’t thank Keith enough, and I would absolutely recommend NYC Wholesale Diamonds to anyone in the market for a ring.”

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10/27/16 Blake and kiersten


Kiersten and I want to thank you again for everything you have done! We both could not be happier.  You made the process enjoyable from the very beginning and as promised, here are a few photos from our special day.


6/15/15 Faizan S.

Before meeting Keith, my fiance and I were completely overwhelmed by the engagement ring buying process. I had done a lot of online reading and been to a few stores in person but had no idea what I was doing and was really worried about being taken for a ride by a jeweler. All of that changed when my fiance and I met Keith with NYC Wholesale Diamonds. His complete understanding of the diamond market and calm demeanor immediately put us at ease.

He gave us a thorough and easy-to-understand lesson on the 4 C’s which allowed us to make educated decisions on what was important to us in buying a diamond. Once we communicated our preferences on the 4 C’s to Keith, he searched through his extensive collection and was able to show us two amazing diamonds that were exactly what we were looking for. After making our decision, he continued to be immediately responsive via email until the ring was delivered. He walked me through how to buy insurance, provided an appraisal, and GIA certification (which he explained the significance of). He even insisted on us sharing our proposal news with him. We can’t recommend Keith highly enough and will be going to him for every diamond purchase we make for the rest of our lives.

A couple of more quick notes on Keith: 1. My situation was a bit atypical in that I went through the entire ring-buying process with my fiance. We both loved him right away. 2. He never tried to upsell us on anything throughout the process, which was huge. This was the first diamond I had bought and was worried about someone trying to nickel and dime me as had happened at other stores but, in fact, Keith spoke with me about ways to minimize cost. 3. His timeline was 2-3 times faster than anyone else. Everywhere else we went had quoted us 4-6 weeks from deposit to delivery; Keith had the ring to me exactly how we discussed in 8 days! 4. No one was even close to matching in terms of price and quality. I did a lot of pricing research and no one was in the same stratosphere.

1/28/15 Krzysztof C.

Keith was AMAZING in helping me design the perfect engagement ring for my fiancé. I drove down from Connecticut several times to see him, initially because he had exactly the setting style I was looking for and his Yelp reviews were very positive. After working with him for several months I can say that all of the good reviews are completely accurate.

First, he knows his stuff. He’s incredibly knowledgable about diamonds and settings, and spent time teaching me the nuances of diamond selection that you can’t really get online (though you should still research the 4 C’s to get started).

Keith was also very patient and I never felt that I was being pressured or “sold to”. I came back for multiple appointments and he was pleasant each time. He believes that if he treats his customers well, he’ll get a lot more long term business through referrals than the usual guy pushing a quick sale. For example, he insisted that I should NOT buy wedding bands with the engagement ring, even though some jewelry stores will try to add them on to make a few more bucks. And he even gave me recommendations for my proposal!

His selection is excellent. He works right in the diamond district, goes to trade shows and has direct access to a large selection of various diamonds that is always changing. As a result he found an incredibly brilliant center stone for me that defies even the strong quality specifications that it’s certified for.

Finally his prices are unbeatable. Even though I started with Keith, I did my due diligence shopping around in Fairfield County and I couldn’t come close to finding anything as good for the price. The final ring was the best diamond, in the best setting, for the best price. You can’t beat that.

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring, I absolutely recommend that you make an appointment to speak with him. Since he insisted that I not buy wedding bands at the time, my fiancé and I are going back to see him together!

1/6/15 Patrick F.

I can personally vouch for Keith’s professionalism. Trust is what you need when looking for high quality diamonds and that is exactly what you get with Keith – unparalleled trust! Also, I had come to Keith after shopping around and had found what I thought was a great pair of diamond stud earrings at a great price…and they were but he beat on both price and quality without even being asked. We will go to him in the future without having to shop around first and you can too.

12/29/14 Glenn Y.

Keith has done right by my family for nearly 20 years of going to him for Jewelry. When it was finally my turn to purchase an engagement ring as always he was extremely helpful. I called and gave him 2 weeks notice of an appointment to look at diamonds, for both my cousin and myself looking to get engaged. We arrived to excellent choices at exactly our budget. My now fiance could not be happier with her ring and in turn made me very happy. I will probably be going to him for the wedding bands and her birthday gifts as he has access to all types of beautiful Jewelry.

12/17/2014 Davis R., New York, NY

Keith could not have done a better job on creating a custom setting and sourcing the diamond that I bought for my fiance. My fiance has not stopped getting compliments on her ring since the day I proposed. Keith was extremely professional and helpful during every step of the process. He was patient and knowledgeable in answering the numerous questions I had about the diamond buying process. He always responded quickly to my emails and calls as well. Keith listened to what I wanted and help me chose the perfect setting and diamond. He did not just try to make the sale, he truly cared about me and wanted to make sure I was happy throughout the process. He even offered to help me brainstorm ideas for my proposal. I will 100% recommend Keith to anyone and I will use Keith from now on for every diamond purchase I make.

12/14 Alex K.

Keith was exactly what I was looking for in a diamond dealer. He showed me a great selection of diamonds in the range I requested. He was very respectful and never gave a hard sell. He had the setting made wonderfully with a very classic look as I requested. Most importantly, my fiance was so pleased with the ring and we still gaze at it and enjoy it everyday.

12/14 Michael B.

Keith Saxe is by far the best in the business. When it comes to quality, price, and customer service he is above and beyond impeccable. I will use him for all my diamond needs for as long as hes in business, and i will recommend him to all my family and friends. He is not pushy, and genuinely cares about his clients. This is why he is on top of his industry in the epicenter of the diamond district. Call him, you will not be disappointed.

12/14 Jake G.

Keith is an honest great guy who will help you find the best diamond for a great price. And he shows you HOW to do it. He’s the best and I will continue to shop with him!

12/14 Eric R.

Keith is really great to deal with! I never felt any pressure to buy and Keith was super helpful in educating me about diamonds and how they are priced upfront. He was supportive throughout the process and was always available to answer my multitude of questions. For any big purchase I feel Keith would be the person you would want to deal with. Thanks Keith!

12/07/2014 Arun M., New York, NY

Keith has been amazing from responding to my emails, showing selection of diamonds, suggesting ring settings, on time delivery….basically,the whole experience has been amazing working with him. Selecting a ring within a week was the most stressful part because I already booked my tickets to Vieques, Puerto Rico. Keith took care of everything. The Diamond is AMAZING. My fianceé loved it, maybe a little more than she loves me 🙂

11/14 Liza M.

I have met a few jewelers over the years but Keith Saxe has been one of the most knowledgeable and patient. Keith took the time to explain diamonds and their true value. After purchasing some pieces from a well known jewelry store in Los  Angeles, Ca, I had a few questions that needed expertise answers. I felt Keith genuinely wanted to educate me so that I know what to ask, or look for while purchasing diamonds in the future. Keith is someone I will keep in my contact list, and will definitely not hesitate to pass on his name and business information to others that are looking for a great jeweler.

11/14 Jennifer R.

Keith Saxe is knowledgeable, professional, helpful and efficient. Not only did he provide me with an excellent deal on a loose diamond but he gave me keen advice and superb service throughout.

11/13/2014 Andrew W., Melbourne, Australia

I could not recommend NYC Wholesale Diamonds more! I had the pleasure of purchasing an engagement ring from from NYC Wholesale Diamonds and it was the most informative, personal and trusting purchase I have ever made. If you are searching for the best value, quality and service with Jewelry, you have found the right place.

10/14 Frank C.

Where to begin…! Keith Saxe is by far the best jeweler I dealt with in my whole life. He was so honest and helpful for me when I decided to buy an engagement ring! He truly inspired confidence to me and took the time to explain all that is required when buying a diamond. I never had to wait for Keith to answer my many emails or phone calls — he was prompt and efficient!!! Thanks you so much for making this incredible ring for us Keith; it is truly stunning 🙂

I will definitely do business again with Keith in the near future and highly recommend to others to contact him for all your jewelry needs!

Thank you so much again for everything, Keith!

8/21/2014 Brian S., New York, NY

We shopped around for a while and had first hand experience with some seriously shady diamond sellers. And then we met Keith! He was super straight-forward, honest, and helpful. And he is much more knowledgeable about diamonds than anyone else we met. He made a stressful situation much easier. At the end of the process, we narrowed it down to two stones. One was much more expensive than the other one. Keith actually was actually recommending the less expensive of the two. That’s the kind of guy he is. You will feel like you have a guy on your side, and not a guy trying to cheat you. If only my fiance had followed his recommendation! I really can’t recommend him any higher.

8/14 Richard F.

If you buy a piece of jewelry from someone else you are crazy. To shop with Keith is part of the beautiful experience of purchasing a work of art for the right price. The quality is only high end, beyond compare. Keith has the experience, expertise and personality to make the experience amazing. You know the diamond is exceptional, your choice and a big pleasure. In the jewelry world find a trustworthy advocate, Keith, at NYC Wholesale Diamonds.

8/14 Anthony D.

I couldnt imagine purchasing such an important item from anyone else besides Keith. As he can contest (and he did mention it to my fiance when he met her), I am the type to analyize and put significant thought into all my purchases, especially an engagement ring. Keith not only dealt with my strive to get the perfect diamond and the setting I had in mind, but he appreciated the thought I put into it. After about four visits, looking at probably a dozen stones, and comparing each one, he found one that I absolutely loved and that exceeded my requirements while not exceeding my price range.

To cut it short, if you’re in the market for an engagement ring, Keith is the only guy to deal with. Don’t event bother walking into the ground floor shops on 47th street, I only felt overwhelmed and disheartened by the quality of the customer service and the lack of loose diamond selection.

7/14 Julie S.

Keith Saxe is terrific!! He is very honest, personable, knowledgeable, and has great taste in jewelry. We had a very limited budget and Keith was able to make me a diamond engagement ring that is stunning and gorgeous!!! He helped us pick out a wonderful setting that truly enhances the stone and made it look like a much more expensive ring. I have gotten lots of complements on the ring . Keith was very patient in helping us pick out the diamond as well as the setting. He was very easy to work with, accommodating, kind, flexible and sensitive to our needs. It was such a pleasure working with Keith, and we really look forward to our next purchase at a future point. I highly recommend Keith for all of your jewelry needs , as he is truly wonderful.

7/14 Dora K.

Keith was recommended by a close friend – thankfully we took her advice because it made our engagement ring dreams come true! Working with Keith was a pleasure – his patience and expertise helped us get exactly what we were looking for. I wouldn’t go anywhere else after this experience – and I’m in love with my ring!!

7/14 Lindsey M.

Keith came highly recommended by several friends I served with during my time in the military. Being that I am a woman who was in search of an engagement ring for my partner, another woman, I was a little nervous and hesitant about the entire process to begin with. I was extremely comfortable with Keith. He was fantastic-he explained everything to me from beginning to end, was extremely responsive via email, text, phone, etc, throughout the process, and even took the time to explain the ins and outs of engagement rings and diamonds to my mother when she came with me to finalize the ring. I will continue to refer Keith, and will visit him again in the future for other purchases. Thanks Keith!

5/27/2014 David S., Garfield, NJ

I came to Keith through some research on the Diamond District and the other two reviews here. Saying that he is the best is an understatement – very patient, very attentive and very educated in his craft and will not stop until the ring is exactly what I envisioned (once the vision came to me of course!). He and his lead designer are the best – hands down; I even had an opportunity to get on “Say Yes to the Dress” – I respectfully declined. But even more so than these skills and all of his accolades and connections is that he cares. Many jewelers out there (wholesale and retail) will look for that bottom line only but Keith knows that it’s the people, the stories, and the experience that makes this great step in a couple’s life very memorable and enjoyable and he understands what should be the thought behind this process. He gave me some key advice about the process toward the proposal. Therefore, my fianceé was blown away by the custom-designed ring and I can’t wait to bring her to him for the wedding bands. It was my great pleasure to have Keith help me get the one-of-a-kind ring to my one-of-a-kind lady. And my experience with Keith only adds to my legendary story of how I went about proposing to my future wife! Many thanks Keith!

6/1/2014 Katherine L., Hampton, NH

For three years I worked at a boutique jewelry store and became quite familiar with diamonds. Therefore my daughter’s soon to be fiancé enlisted my help in picking out her engagement ring. A fun yet stressful request. I was in FL and had to rely on the honesty and integrity of a diamond specialist. All FIVE stars aligned and I connected with Mr. Keith Saxe.
Five Stars

The bottom line is the now bride to be is blown away by her perfect ring produced by Keith Saxe.

11/27/2013 Jesse E., Los Angeles, CA

I was looking for the perfect engagement ring for my Girlfriend and was refereed to Keith Saxe. When I called Keith he educated me on what I should be looking for and how I should approach buying it. He wasn’t even trying to make a sale just a friendly advice giver. I told Keith what I was looking for and he went to work! I got a call a week later telling me about a Diamond he thought would be perfect for me. After seeing 3 people before Keith I headed to NYC from LA. Not only was Keith’s diamond the most brilliant gorgeous and cut to perfection but working with him was an absolute pleasure. I knew right when I met him and saw the diamond it was a perfect match. Buying a diamond is more about the diamond you really need to trust the person you are buying from and had a instant connection with Keith. He even had a massive selection of settings that I choose from and a custom one he made that I selected. It was a true one stop shop. After the purchase Keith took such care of me and my needs that I couldn’t of felt better of my selection. Not only does my new fiancee have the most gorgeous ring she is absolutely in love with it. She gets so many complements on it and all my guy friends are already asking me for a referral to him. Keith beat every Jewelry I went to in price, and quality and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. This will be my go to for anything I purchase in the future. Thank you Keith for the best experience ever!

08/22/2013 Brooke L., San Diego, CA

Keith Saxe is extremely knowledgeable within his field. He has an array of beautiful diamonds. Before we meet with him we were lost. He sat down with us and listen to what we were looking for and guided us into the best possible choice. He did not try to sell us, he wanted us to be happy. It was all about me and what would make me smile every time I looked at my engagement ring. The quality of diamonds he show us were just so beautiful. I am happy that I had him to help design and create the most amazing brilliant round solitaire white gold engagement ring. We were dazzled!!! From this experience I consider Keith not only the only jeweler I will ever go to again but a friend. He helped my dreams come true. I would recommend him to anyone who will listen.

03/18/2013 Rick S., New York, NY

I was hesitant to buy my diamond engagement ring in the diamond district. A friend referred Keith Saxe and his company, NYC Wholesale Diamonds, so I went in to meet him. I found his knowledge of diamonds and the workings of the jewelry industry to be incredible. He guided me to buy the best certified diamond and perfect ring that my fiancee went crazy for. It was a painless experience, and I have already referred two co-workers. One recently bought a sapphire bracelet, and was equally impressed with his experience. I definitely recommend Keith if you’re looking for a trustworthy and connected guy when in the market for jewelry.

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